Rehabilitation is a social service designed to improve the independent coping of the disabled, increase the involvement of the community, and foster employment or start of employment.
The rehabilitation service includes an evaluation of the individualís ability to cope the need for personal assistance, and formulation of recommendations for the adaptation of domestic, working or learning environments as well as for the provision and use of technical aids. The individual receives consultation in various areas to improve social coping skills in the future.


Rehabilatation service is entitled to:

1. *All children applying for disability and those individuals of working age applying for disability for whom the Social Insurance Board adopts the relevant decision.
2. *Disabled children and adults.
3. Individuals of working age (from 16 years to retirement age) with special intellectual needs who have lost at least 40% of their capacity for work.
4. Individuals referred pursuant to a decision by the juvenile committee.


Dorpat SPA provides rehabilitation services only in points 1. and 2. mentioned individuals.