Gift card

Dorpat SPA gift cards are available at various prices or for specific treatment / package. Price gift cars lasts up to 1 year and specific treatment gift cards lasts 3 months.


There's no need to realize Dorpat SPA gift card at one time, the card can be used in several times. If the card has a financial surplus, it will be returned to the customer with its residual value. If the treatment value will be higher than the value of the gift card, then it is possible to make afterpayment by cash, bank card or another gift card.


Gift card can not be exchanged for cash or another gift card.


Gift cards can be also ordered by telephone or internet. You will be sent an invoice transfer (invoice plus 1 to cover postage), which received the gift card will be sent to your desired address by mail. 


As a transfer payment please make a payment:

Recipient: Dorpat Tervis O

Bank account: 221035347533