Physiotherapist is a highly qualified healthcare and rehabilitation specialist, who assesses a client’s musculoskeletal function, offers guidance when needed and carries out evidence based therapies to diagnose, locate and treat physiotherapeutical problems.

Physiotherapy is helpful in dealing with different kinds of musculoskeletal problems and pain (back pain, muscle tightness in the shoulder area, joint pain and tenderness etc). In a physiotherapy session our specialists use therapeutic exercise, massage (incl manual therapy if needed), heat and cold applications, and also cupping. Our physiotherapists choose the procedure(s) for a session based on the client’s physiotherapeutical problem.

Sports physiotherapy

Physiotherapist assesses the athlete’s musculoskeletal condition and locates problem areas. After a physiotherapeutical diagnose is confirmed using different functional tests, an evidence based therapy session is carried out. Physiotherapy session may include therapeutic exercise, massage, heat and cold applications, kinesiotaping and a personal exercise program may be assembled. Treatment strategy is chosen based on the athlete’s physiotherapeutical problem. Our goal is to have the athlete back in training and pain free as soon as possible.

Appointment with physiotherapist                       

first45 min
 25 €
recurrent30 min 19 €

Kinesiotaping                                                                        15 €
in addition to massage or physiotherapy                              
 10 €
plus tape price 1cm= 0,07€

Kinesiology tape is a thin elastic tape that helps along the natural healing processes of our musculoskeletal system. Kinesiotaping may be used to stabilize a joint, promote muscle function, and increase blood and lymph flow in the area. Kinesiology tape does not restrict the body’s normal physiological movement and it may be left on for up to 5 days.

Kinesiotaping is known for relieving back pain and pain induced by tight muscles in other areas. It also reduces edema and helps to dissolve hematomas. For better results it is recommended to combine kinesiotaping with massage or physiotherapy.

Underwater shower-massage                                 20 min  16 €
Underwater shower-massage is performed by a physiotherapist in the massage bath by using a special hose that provides a stream of pressurised water. The pressure of the water stream can be regulated to weaker or stronger according to the client's needs. Underwater shower-massage relaxes tense muscles and has a pain relieving effect.